Living Beyond Breast Cancer: mass cam girl fundraiser was a success


Hey Guys,

If you read my last post (the one below this one) you know that I took part in Aedan Rayne’s mass fundraiser for Cam Girls Against Cancer.

The event was a huge success. Our group goal was to donate $10,000 to Living Beyond Breast Cancer. We surpassed that goal and raised an amazing $14,013.64 to donate!

I was so happy to take part in this event, and I was greatly touched by my fans who helped and participated on with tips, shows, and well wishes. It made me so happy to have fans telling me they appreciated my efforts because they have loved ones who survived cancer. I donated 50% of my sales from the Sunday night shift I worked. I was able to donate $414.33 to Living Beyond Breast Cancer. Here is a screenshot of my donation with my personal information marked out.

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Green Eyed donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer

This was a wonderful opportunity for cam girls to come together and show the world we are good people who can work hard and make beautiful things happen for the community!

Aedan Rayne’s effort in organizing the fundraiser was greatly appreciated and she has inspired me. I will be doing other charity cam nights in the future. Feel free to email me if you have suggestions for reputable charities you think I should consider for my next cam charity night.

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Goddess Green Eyed

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