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Hey Guys,

Wake up wake up it’s the first of the month! March is a lovely month. On March 20th we will have the first day of Spring. Springtime is a time for rebirth, renewal, flowers blooming, and new baby animals being born. It’s also that time for my adoring #greeneyedpath followers to think about April 2, 2014. That’s right my birthday! I am an Aries Goddess. I’m turning 27 this year. Like fine wine a goddess only improves with age. I am learning more, reading more, exploring more, and expanding and earning more for the Green Eyed empire.

I would love to be showered with gifts and tributes for my birthday. Here is how you can make the day magical for me.

Picture 58 585x329 picture

Picture 95 585x329 picture

-tributes on or clips4sale (Tributes are the BEST way to spoil me since it’s cash in my pocket and it adds to my monthly totals for my stores helping me beat new records.) I think it would be fun to do tributes of $27 or $270 or $2700 to celebrate my 27th year.

-gifts from my Amazon wishlist

-big clip orders on or

-join or

-jewelry from bagatiba

-egiftcards to my email 

I would love giftcards from any of the following sites (click on name for link):


-Victoria’s Secret 

-Gilly Hicks

-American Apparel


If you have something else you would like to surprise me with such as cash, a card, or anything else goddess related please send to:

GE Productions

813 Harbor Blvd #233

West Sacramento, CA 95691

Happy gifting!

Goddess Green Eyed



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Hey Guys,

Thanks so much to everyone for reblogging my photo for the MyGirlFund Tumblr contest. I’m still waiting to hear from the site about the winners. Nothing has been announced yet. I will let you guys know when I’m notified and then I will post something special for winning.

In the meantime I have another easy Tumblr contest you can help me with. My camgirl friend is running a contest on her Tumblr. Girls submit photos and the photo with the most notes by Friday December 6, 2013 wins a $10 Amazon giftcard.

Here is the link for my contest submission.

Please like or reblog the image. You can reblog it more than once. The more notes the better.

contest 585x592 picture

Thanks for all of your support guys!


Goddess Green Eyed

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Exciting news for fans on Streamate
Hey Guys,

I am excited to announce that my Gold Club is live on

You will get access to diary entries, videos, and photo albums!

The cost is only $20/month AND you get a 10% discount off my cam shows.

I am happy that I have a new way to connect with my streamate fans. My diary entries will allow you to get to know me better which will make us both happy. I like fans who like me for who I am. I will be writing about my everyday life, workouts, love, yoga goals, camming, etc.

Join up guys!

cam picture

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Hey Guys,

This morning I got an e-mail from Tumblr support saying:

Alex, Aug 16 13:31 (EDT):

We’ve terminated your Tumblr account at As per the policies you agreed to when creating a Tumblr account, we do not allow spam / affiliate marketing on Tumblr.

Tumblr Support

Well that sucks! I’m a cam model trying to promote my brand, share pictures, promote my videos and when I’m on cam, and apparently someone reported me or Tumblr themselves took down the account.

Needless to say all my hard work uploading content, writing posts, gaining over 5,000 followers down the drain.

I started a new Tumblr so please follow me and help me fight the good fight. My ass is here to stay! It will rise again! green eyed's new tumblr by twista178

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Green Eyed reviews ExtraLunchMoney

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Hey Guys,

Today I am reviewing the custom amateur porn site ExtraLunchMoney.

I was interviewed by co-founder Benic Way for ELM Avenue, a interview show that features people in the adult industry talking about their experiences. (You can check out my interview HERE). Later he invited me to test out the site ExtraLunchMoney. I felt comfortable signing up for the site as Benic was very professional during our interview. I was excited to join a new site that seemed much more model friendly than other sites I’ve worked on.

Benic has asked for feedback from models along the way which is something I enjoy about ELM. On other sites it’s not supported to give your feedback, correct a mistake, or explain things from a model’s perspective.

ELM always answers their support questions via e-mail or twitter. The response time is fast and they don’t have a one-sided “the site is always right mentality”. Instead they take model feedback and use it to improve the site which in turn makes everyone more money.

I like that ELM allows me to sell videos, photos, and worn panties. A lot of sites don’t have the option to sell goods. This makes ELM stand out from Clips4Sale, Clipvia, MyGirlFund, KinkBomb, and Streamate.

One of the things I don’t like about ELM is the time it takes to add content. On Clips4Sale I can upload a video and have the option for a GIF to be created or a teaser for my video. I can also queue  videos to launch on specific dates and times. On ELM, I have to manually add a picture for each video or create my own GIF.  ELM provides instructions for how to create GIFs, but they don’t create them automatically. Then I have to wait for the job to be approved by admin. There is no option to queue content either which is frustrating. When I make a lot of content at once I like uploading it but I don’t want all of it to be available at once. On Clips4Sale I can make 10 videos, upload them, and then set them to be live on my site spread out over the next week.

I would like ELM to add the following features for download now content

-create GIFS or previews automatically

-increase description limit for products

-allow punctuation in the title for products

-queue for content

ELM offers a texting service for models to text with customers for credits. I think this is a cool feature, but I have not had any customers text me.

Another con of ELM is their payout options. Unlike Clips4Sale they do not have a direct deposit option. ELM pays out through Payoneer and recently added Dwolla as an option. Dwolla allows a direct deposit to your bank account but you have to cash out from ELM to Dwolla and then wait for Dwolla to hit your bank account. Much like waiting for the jobs to be approved waiting for payments can be frustrating.

Also ELM originally offered a higher payout to sellers. Then they had an issue with charge backs and had to lower the payout rate to account for charge backs. I understand why sites have to do this, but it seemed like a slip for ELM not to think of this before launching. They were honest about what happened, but it showed they didn’t think that issue through all the way.

One of the positive features of ELM is their referral system. By using your referral link when members sign up you earn credits when they purchase credits. Unlike MyGirlFund who rewards only the top 5 girls for signups, ELM awards anyone that converts a signup into a customer purchasing credits. On MGF girls will just have guys create profiles for the contest not really to get them to spend. I like that ELM only rewards us when the customer purchases credits.

Another feature I like about ELM is the ability to promote my model brand on the site. I am allowed to put links on my profile that link to other sites customers I work on. There is also the option to put a custom banner on your profile. ELM is not scared of losing models or customers with these outside links. Instead they realize that letting a model promote herself makes her build a better brand which makes her more popular which makes ELM more popular.

ELM doesn’t have the traffic of more established sites; it’s not one of my main income sources. However, I do see ELM actively promoting through their blog, Tumblr, Twitter, and Reddit. I appreciate this effort and I continue to add content and promote my link for the site because I like the environment the staff is creating for models. This is a site that wants feedback from models in order to improve. I think they are headed in the right direction and I will continue working on the journey with them!

Check out my ELM page HERE.

Green Eyed

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