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Goddess Green Eyed invites cam girls to join ManyVids!

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I am participating in the MV referral signup contest. It takes place March 3 through March 8th. If I get the most new girls to join during this time I can win $500. (confirm email, upload id, fill in profile, and upload 2 videos) I will then reward one of the girls with $100 of the contest money. I will select randomly from the girls who sign up from my referral link. I am able to track all of this so it will be easy to see who has completed the full process.

You can join through my link here:

I am giving away $100 if I win the contest. This is a great way for you to try out a new site, help me win a contest, and in turn win something if I win.

You can sell videos, photo sets, panties, skype shows, texting, and custom content on ManyVids. I have made sales in the month I have been on the site.

If you have any questions about ManyVids or setting up your profile or this promotion please email me

Please note if I don’t get the most signups I don’t win anything. This all depends on us working together. If I win $500 then $100 will go towards one of the awesome girls who signed up using my link between March 3 through March 8, 2015.

Thanks and let’s win this!



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Green Eyed 420 gas mask smoking video

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Hey Guys,

I made a fun new video to promote my blog. Have a look. Leave a comment and let me know what you thought of my sexy, humorous video.


Goddess Green Eyed

Goddess Green Eyed 420 smoking, cam goddess… by twista178

Hey Guys,

You are in for a treat! I made new booty shaking videos with Kalyfornia.

I have added two of the videos already to my Shakinit page. We also made some fetish clips: peeing, eating, and lift and carry. Those are on my Clips4Sale page.

You can also get the videos from our MyGirlFund pages. and

I’m coming up with new ideas already for hot videos we can make and sexy outfits we can wear.

Please let us know if you have any ideas for future shoots.

Enjoy these teaser videos!



Hey Guys,

I started camming on Streamate November of 2011. Here it is February 2012, and I am still working for Streamate and loving it! I am able to make enough money that I can be a stay at home cam girl and Streamate is the one site out of all my sites that I make the most on. They have great traffic. My favorite day is Sunday. Wow lots of cam customers during the whole day!

I love helping other girls in the industry and providing solid site recommendations. If you want to work on a live cam site that has great traffic and is always adding new features to help girls make money, then you should definitely sign up on Streamate.

If you would like to get one-on-one help signing up, getting approved, and understanding how to start on the site I recommend you go through Streamate’s in house recruiting team. You can contact Vanessa or on twitter @awmodel

If you mention that “green eyed” was your referral I get credit on my account. I will also answer any questions new girls have about getting started. I can give you advice on:

-rates to charge

-how to promote your cam page through social networking sites

-how to start your own blog for promotion

-how to use features of SM

-tips I’ve learned along the way

I want to see other girls succeed so please sign up on Streamate today and start your own cam career!



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Hey Guys,

If you know then you know I love weed. I love to smoke it, I love to talk about it, and I like to support fellow stoners.

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Mary Jane, a fellow MyGirlFund girl, and she just joined my main cam site Streamate so you can see her live for a one on one cam show.

I hope you enjoy getting to know more about this bong beauty!

013 picture

GE: How long have you been in the online adult business?

MJ: I’ve been in the online adult business for 5 months now and I absolutely love it!

GE: What made you try it out?

MJ: I had experience in other adult industries (porn and escorting) so I decide to try out something where I could work from home and be my own boss.  Been hooked ever since.

GE: What is your favorite part of camming?

MJ: Knowing that some guys is jacking off to me.  Call me vain but there’s something about knowing that I am giving this other person pleasure that gets me off!

GE: What is the funniest thing that a fan has requested or said to you?

MJ: I am about to make a video where my friend throws lunch meat at my ass to see which one sticks – pretty ridiculous and very awesome!
014 picture

GE: What do you think sets you apart from other girls in this business?

MJ: I am a freak.  Like close to as kinky as they come.   No fetish or request ever grosses me out – just fascinates me! I love human sexuality and I think that being able to explore all of it (including fetish and taboo) is very interested.  I’m also intelligent.  I can hold a conversation about politics, current events, economics, etc. I am an educated girl and proud of it! Oh, and a Libtertarian.  That sets me apart too icon smile picture

GE: What do you like to do for fun outside of camming?

MJ: I smoke a lot of ganja….which makes everything fun.  But I also read, run, and practice yoga!
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GE: Would you ever do mainstream work?

MJ: I have done mainstream work and didn’t like it nearly as much as camming.  Porn is pretty fake – pausing for better shots, using ice to get your nipples hard instead of being turned on, etc.  I like to be able to actually enjoy sex  acts and show off without having a director telling me what to do!

GE: What are some of your specialities/fetishes you cater to?

MJ: Anything and everything. Truly.  From watersports to anal to role play and more hardcore naughty stuff, I love exploring them all! That’s one of the best parts of my job – exploring my sexual boundaries and finding new turn-ons!
www.f 004 585x780 picture

GE: If you won a million dollars what is one nice thing you’d buy yourself?

MJ: If I had no rhyme or reason, I’d go out and buy myself an Audi R8 first. Just talking about that car makes me wet in the panties.

GE: Where can our fans see more of you?
GE: What is your favorite sex toy to use on cam?
MJ: I love my Hitachi! Seriously, that is like the orgasm factory for me!

GE: Who are some of your favorite cam girls?

MJ: Well, Green Eyed is my girl crush! I aspire to be as badass as her.  I also adore Bunny Snow (Kalyfornia), Smiley and Sky.

GE: Do you watch porn?

MJ: Absolutely! My favorite is definitely lesbian porn since I don’t get enough G/G action in my life. I especially enjoy lesbian orgies.  Oh and gang bangs! That’s another great genre I don’t get enough of.

GE: How do you handle freebie hunters?

MJ: Depends on their attitude.  If they politely ask for a sample to see the quality of my stuff, I have some samples to share. If they are persistent and rude, I will be a bitch back.  I’m not someone to fuck with icon smile picture

GE: Fun surprise. Tell us something interesting about yourself or anything you want us to know!

MJ: On 3/23/2023 I turn 32. And I’m a squirter. icon smile picture

Thanks so much to Mary Jane for letting me interview her on my blog. Maybe one day we will get to make naughty smoking videos together!



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