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Hey Guys,

Wake up wake up it’s the first of the month! March is a lovely month. On March 20th we will have the first day of Spring. Springtime is a time for rebirth, renewal, flowers blooming, and new baby animals being born. It’s also that time for my adoring #greeneyedpath followers to think about April 2, 2014. That’s right my birthday! I am an Aries Goddess. I’m turning 27 this year. Like fine wine a goddess only improves with age. I am learning more, reading more, exploring more, and expanding and earning more for the Green Eyed empire.

I would love to be showered with gifts and tributes for my birthday. Here is how you can make the day magical for me.

Picture 58 585x329 picture

Picture 95 585x329 picture

-tributes on or clips4sale (Tributes are the BEST way to spoil me since it’s cash in my pocket and it adds to my monthly totals for my stores helping me beat new records.) I think it would be fun to do tributes of $27 or $270 or $2700 to celebrate my 27th year.

-gifts from my Amazon wishlist

-big clip orders on or

-join or

-jewelry from bagatiba

-egiftcards to my email 

I would love giftcards from any of the following sites (click on name for link):


-Victoria’s Secret 

-Gilly Hicks

-American Apparel


If you have something else you would like to surprise me with such as cash, a card, or anything else goddess related please send to:

GE Productions

813 Harbor Blvd #233

West Sacramento, CA 95691

Happy gifting!

Goddess Green Eyed



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Hey Guys,

As many of you know I love practicing yoga and sharing my Goddess wisdom with everyone around me to make the world a better place. I created this FREE guided meditation video to help you relax and move forward on the #greeneyedpath. I hope you enjoy it and use it when you are feeling stressed or just to help you relax before bed.


Goddess Green Eyed

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Hey Guys,

I hope everyone is enjoying their week. It’s almost July. I hope to finish out June with a strong gusto! I cammed 7 days last week, and I’m on track to work 7 days this week. I’m on a paperchase. I have goals. Nobody does the work for me. I have to put in the hours, effort, and go for what I want!

If you would like to help me with my goal on cam this week I am on in the evening Pacific time. I don’t have a set schedule but I usually pop on sometime between the 6 PM to 12 AM PST range. If you join through my link I get extra earnings!

One goal isn’t enough for me though- nope this goddess needs to powercharge. I am also going for one of the top 5 spots in the weekly signup contest on MyGirlFund. Every week the site has a contest for girls to promote the site and see who can get the most new signups. The top 5 girls win a cash prize based on how many new members they bring in. It is FREE and EASY to help me in this contest.

1. Go to and make a FREE profile. BOOM you’ve helped me in the contest!

3. Message me on the site with the code GOALS to get a FREE treat in your inbox.

I can check the date on your signup so no funny business. I will simply block guys trying to scam me.

I would love to win a spot this week. Let’s help make it possible!

Picture 2212 585x329 picture

I haven’t had any response yet to my tattoo fund I posted about in my last blog. It’s okay. Lately I’ve been making my goals with camming and video sales and haven’t been spoiled outside of that. I know things aren’t always the same in the cam world and people may not want to just spoil a girl with nothing in return. But hey if you want to help me get that tattoo I am still holding out hope.

My boyfriend’s birthday is in August. I am putting a little money away each week to save up to buy him the Volcano vaporizer for his birthday! After that I can work on my tattoo fund and then hopefully get us a squat rack.

Well this booty goddess is off to bed. I have hot bikram yoga in the morning and a full day of camming and video making after that!

Picture 2214 585x329 picture


Goddess Green Eyed

Hey Guys,

My 26th birthday is on April 2, 2013. I wanted to give my fans and slaves plenty of time to get their finances in order so they can order me a gifts or gifts for my birthday.

All gifts can be sent to:

GE Productions

813 Harbor Blvd #233

West Sacramento, CA 95691

You may purchase items from my Amazon wishlist. HERE is the link. You may send cash and giftcards as well.

There are other gifts I would like that are not from my Amazon wishlist. I will provide you with the links for where to purchase them.

-Bagatiba jewelry

perfectdangle 585x342 picture

-Perfect dangle earrings

solidcircl 585x306 picture

-solid circle necklace

grace 585x345 picture

-perfect grace bracelet

Uggs boots

uggs 585x460 picture

-size 8 color Harissa,default,pd.html?dwvar_1002153_color=HRRS&start=2&cgid=women-boot

-Nike running tights (size small)

nikerunningtights 585x570 picture,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-654842/pgid-654006 

-Bath and Body Works aromatherapy body scrub (any flavor is fine my favorite is sensual jasmine vanilla)

scrub 585x354 picture

-Dermalogica super rich repair moisturizer

repair 585x306 picture


-Free to be Lululemon sports bra (any color or pattern is fine size 6)

bar 585x413 picture

-Urban Outfitters graphic t-shirts (size small for all t-shirts) not all are pictured but all links are below

tshirt picture tshirt2 picture

-American Apparel stripe knee high sock (any color combination, would love multiple pairs)

kneesock 585x397 picture

-American Apparel printed cotton spandex jersey ruched front tube bra (any color, would love multiple bras, size small)

tube bra 585x383 picture

-American Apparel cotton spandex jersey basic bodysuit (size small, any color expect forest i already own that one)

bodysuit 585x392 picture

-Mermaid Catsuit (size small)

mermaidcatsuit 585x392 picture

-Chill Out Cap Sleeve bodysuit (size small)

bodysuit1 585x389 picture

-Morgan Denim shirt (size small)

denimshirt 585x353 picture

-A&F Vintage Skinny sweatpants (size medium)

af 585x363 picture

-Harley tank (pink size small)

harleytank 585x306 picture

-Gilly Hicks yoga shorts and bra (size small for both)

brashorts 585x517 picture

-any panties from Gilly Hicks size small i love all the colors and textures icon smile picture

panty 585x342 picture

-any Gilly Hicks bras (size small or 34 A) I like the unlined kind the best

bras 585x568 picture

Thank you to anyone who decides to spoil me for my birthday. It will mean so much to me!


Goddess Green Eyed


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Hey Guys,

The Freak Daddy’s Best Boobs contest is almost over. The contest ends on February 28th. I am still in second place. First place wins $50 so it would be a fun contest just to get a little extra cash. Only first place gets a prize. It is FREE to vote and super easy!

1. Go to my special voting domain

2. Click the button by my name GREEN EYED to vote for me.

3. Vote the next day.

4. Help me win! If I win I will post something super sexy on my blog for my fans.

boobs 585x199 picture

I am also asking my fans to nominate me for The Fannys awards as Cyber Hustla aka Web Cam Girl of the Year.

1. Go to

2. Type in GREEN EYED

3. Come back and nominate me the next day (you can nominate me once each 24 hours) Only the top 10 nominees move on.

fannys picture fannysweb 585x365 picture


Thank you guys for all of your support in my contests. I love to compete, win, and keep promoting the Green Eyed brand so that my ass can really rule the world!



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