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Goddess Green Eyed invites cam girls to join ManyVids!

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I am participating in the MV referral signup contest. It takes place March 3 through March 8th. If I get the most new girls to join during this time I can win $500. (confirm email, upload id, fill in profile, and upload 2 videos) I will then reward one of the girls with $100 of the contest money. I will select randomly from the girls who sign up from my referral link. I am able to track all of this so it will be easy to see who has completed the full process.

You can join through my link here:

I am giving away $100 if I win the contest. This is a great way for you to try out a new site, help me win a contest, and in turn win something if I win.

You can sell videos, photo sets, panties, skype shows, texting, and custom content on ManyVids. I have made sales in the month I have been on the site.

If you have any questions about ManyVids or setting up your profile or this promotion please email me

Please note if I don’t get the most signups I don’t win anything. This all depends on us working together. If I win $500 then $100 will go towards one of the awesome girls who signed up using my link between March 3 through March 8, 2015.

Thanks and let’s win this!



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Hey Guys,

Happy New Year! I know it’s January 28 not January 1 but this is the first time I’ve had a chance to add a new entry to my blog and check in with you guys here.

2013 was an awesome year for me. I worked harder, smarter, and earned more than I did in 2012. I am very proud of myself and the accomplishments I have achieved. 2014 will be another opportunity to outdo myself again and I’m taking it on full force!

I’m happy to introduce a new mantra and hashtag for myself this year. In addition to #greeneyedpath you will see me using #moneymagnet.  My focus is already sharper this year with MONEY MAGNET embedded in my mind and routine. I  save and spend wisely. I  attract large sums of money and many sums of money. Money comes to me effortlessy and easily. I am comfortable taking on more financial responsibility, hitting new goals, and really basking in the warm radiant rays of abundance. Adding to my savings account is important. It will help increase my down payment for a home when I am ready to buy one. Having a larger savings account will eliminate stress. It creates a buffer for emergency situations when I may not be able to cam or create content. I use my money to help others and make the world a better place.

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Check out my live cam shows and content sites below:

Follow me on Twitter and Tumblr too icon smile picture

I’m also available for custom videos and panty sales. Please email


Goddess Greeen Eyed


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Wow time flies it soars it fucking soars. November 4, 2010 was my first day camming on on Streamate. I did videos forClips4Sale and Shakinit for a couple years before that and cammed onMyGirlFund but November 4, 2010 marked my first day of live camming on an official cam site. Here I am on November 4, 2013 still going strong. Each year I have grown. My profits, my fanbase, my knowledge, my experience, my enjoyment- it has all increased with time.


Camming on Streamate has really helped my life in many positive ways. I was able to quit a shitty fulltime 40 hours a week office job that paid hardly anything and embrace a career as a cam girl that pays well and allows me the creativity and control I desire in a job.

Last year I was even nominated for Exxxotica’s Fanny Awards for Cyber Hustler Web Cam Girl of the Year. I didn’t win but I was able to attend the convention and I was so excited that my fans got me nominated!

I am very thankful for all of my fans who support me and visit me nightly on cam. I have over 25,000 favorites on Streamate, great placement, 5 star rating and positive reviews, and a successful members site (Gold Club).

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I couldn’t do it without my fans. You continue to support my ass and watch me grow while loving me for who I am.

From a college girl booty shaking on YouTube to a Goddess building an internet empire -the journey has been wonderful on the #greeneyedpath and I hope you continue to walk with me for years to come.

If you would like to send congratulations to me for my continued success in the cam world you may do so by:

1. sending an Amazon giftcard to

2. joining my Gold Club

3. visiting me on cam and tipping

4. sending me a tribute on

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Goddess Green Eyed

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Hey Guys,

If you read my last post (the one below this one) you know that I took part in Aedan Rayne’s mass fundraiser for Cam Girls Against Cancer.

The event was a huge success. Our group goal was to donate $10,000 to Living Beyond Breast Cancer. We surpassed that goal and raised an amazing $14,013.64 to donate!

I was so happy to take part in this event, and I was greatly touched by my fans who helped and participated on with tips, shows, and well wishes. It made me so happy to have fans telling me they appreciated my efforts because they have loved ones who survived cancer. I donated 50% of my sales from the Sunday night shift I worked. I was able to donate $414.33 to Living Beyond Breast Cancer. Here is a screenshot of my donation with my personal information marked out.

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Green Eyed donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer

This was a wonderful opportunity for cam girls to come together and show the world we are good people who can work hard and make beautiful things happen for the community!

Aedan Rayne’s effort in organizing the fundraiser was greatly appreciated and she has inspired me. I will be doing other charity cam nights in the future. Feel free to email me if you have suggestions for reputable charities you think I should consider for my next cam charity night.

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Goddess Green Eyed

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Hey Guys,

I am excited to announce I will be participating in a mass fundraiser held by cam girls. We are camming for the cause. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and the lovely MyFreeCams model, Aedan Rayne is putting together a mass fundraiser. Cam models will be donating 50% of their earnings from one day or one shift between October 13 and October 19th. We will be donating to Living Beyond Cancer an organization that helps survivors during and after their treatment. Our goal is to collectively raise $10,000 for Living Beyond Cancer.

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My shift will be on Sunday October 13. I will be camming from 6 pm to 12 am pst. Please come to my room that night and support the cause. I will be doing private and exclusive shows, gold shows, and selling videos.

My camming link is

Please help me give back and do something that will help the lives of others.

Here is a list of other girls that will be camming for the cause and more information put together by Aedan Rayne.


Goddess Green Eyed

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